Thursday, April 13, 2017

Grand Slam of Curling in Toronto

Ryerson University's Mattamy Athletic Centre located in the old Maple Leaf Gardens is hosting the Players Championships this week.

The draw schedule is here.
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The tv schedule is here.

It's a great compact venue where you can watch up to five matches at a time. It can be difficult to keep up with that many so focusing on one or two will give more enjoyment for those wanting to follow the strategy.

With the draw schedule released before the tournament starts, it's easy to choose the best viewing area for the match that is most interesting to you.

Although the compactness of the venue is great for the fans to be closer to the action and view the matches, there is not much room for the athletes between

The East grandstands provide the best view for Sheet B and C. It is closest to Sheet A giving the best view of the players, but the house is partially obstructed so rocks closest to the stands are not visible, especially if seated closer to the rink. There is glass around the stairs areas that also disrupts the view from the lower rows. The best seats are in the middle of rows away from the stairs.

If you want to view as much as possible, the higher rows are best. If you want to be as close as possible to the action and don't mind missing some of the action, lower rows are best.

This is the view from section E4, Row B Seat 8. As you can see Sheet A is half obstructed, but it's still a great seat to hear the strategy and see the athletes close-up.

Photos shared are taken with my iPhone. The shots I got last year with my camera are much better. There are great shots to be had when you're this close to the action.

This is the view from the top (standing above the top row of seats). Behind the scoreboards (on the left) is the Pinty's zone where fans can eat wings and drink while watching the games - although understand that you'll probably be on television when you take that big bite ;-)

During the week is a great time to get autographs as many players paused before leaving the rink. Most fans got autographs at the north end of Sheet A as or centre ice as you can see from this photo. Players can also be seen arriving and leaving the venue or talking in the hallways. Most are very accommodating to talk to fans.

If you remember Maple Leaf Gardens, make sure to look up at the rafters where pennants used to hang.

If you're interested in seeing how they transform the venue into a curling venue, check out this video.


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